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What is a postnup?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Divorce

If you are going through a contentious divorce in Ohio or are considering one, you may be currently wishing that you had made a prenuptial agreement. It is well known that prenuptial agreements can help provide a blueprint for a divorce and make settling legal matters much easier. However, more and more couples these days are creating postnuptial agreements. Whether you are looking at a divorce in your future or simply want to make some more concrete financial and legal arrangements with your spouse after tying the knot, a postnuptial agreement may be a good idea. According to FindLaw, a postnuptial agreement is the same as a prenuptial agreement, other than it is only entered into after marriage.

There are several reasons why individuals would be interested in a postnuptial agreement. One of the more common ones is a rewrite of the prenuptial agreement if situations have changed. Another common use of a postnuptial agreement is in the aftermath of one spouse cheating. Instead of a divorce, some couples will create a postnuptial agreement to bind the cheating spouse to additional penalties (such as an unfavorable divorce settlement) should the cheating spouse go astray again.

Postnuptial agreements can also help make sure that children from prior marriages are involved in inheritance matters. In the event that a marriage is heading toward definite divorce, creating a postnuptial agreement can help make the actual divorce process quick and easy.

Finally, some couples who did not make prenuptial agreements due to finding them unromantic may change their mind after a few years of marriage. Once the honeymoon period wears off, creating a postnuptial agreement can provide an additional sense of security for all involved.


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