According to research and experts on the subject, men are more likely to go through a divorce when they marry women who are more attractive. Ohio couples who are mismatched in their respective levels of attractiveness might be at increased risk of divorce. According to a social psychology professor, couples who are not similar in physical attractiveness have romantic relationships that are less successful than others.

An analysis of online dating statistics indicated that both men and women actively pursue romantic partners who are 25 percent more attractive than they are. Other research finds that people somehow know their own levels of attractiveness and tend to seek relationships with similarly attractive people.

Women who said their romantic partners are less attractive, in one study, had higher likelihoods of feeling less committed or flirting with others. Another study found that these mismatched relationships were less likely to succeed because the less attractive partner was more likely to be jealous. On the other hand, men who had married women more attractive than themselves were happier and more helpful to their wives, according to research involving 82 newly-married couples.

People who had established friendships prior to beginning romantic relationships were less susceptible to the effect. One study found that a long friendship before dating might make disparities in physical attractiveness less important. People might get divorced for any number of reasons, but a long-standing friendship might make it less likely.

Individuals in Ohio who are approaching or going through a divorce might want to speak with a lawyer. A lawyer with experience handling divorce cases might be able to help by examining the facts and identifying assets that should be divided between the parties. A lawyer might be able to negotiate property settlement with the other side or argue on behalf of the client during alimony or child custody hearings.