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Is it possible to divorce-proof a marriage?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2017 | Divorce

Obviously, when you get married, you never expect to end up in an Ohio divorce court. However, the reality is that many couples do end up divorced. You may wonder if there are certain qualities or characteristics of couples who divorce which could point to what not to do if you want your marriage to last. While there is no guarantee that your marriage will last, there may actually be things you can do that reduce the chances of it ending.

According to The Atlantic, a study showed that couples whose marriages last share some distinct characteristics in common. Perhaps modeling your marriage after them could give you a better chance of avoiding a divorce. 

Some characteristics will be more difficult than others to duplicate. For example, making more than $125,000 annually can decrease the likelihood of divorce and dating for three years or more before getting married is also beneficial. 

However, if you are not married yet, then opt for a cheap, yet well-attended wedding and make sure to go on a honeymoon trip. These have both been shown to be characteristics of couples whose marriages last. 

One last thing that is very controllable is attending church. If you go to church regularly as a couple, then you are more likely to stay together than a couple who does not. Keep in mind, these are all generalizations and not guarantees that your marriage will last because there are many factors that go into a healthy relationship. This information is educational only and not legal advice. 


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