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Talking to children about divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Divorce

Divorce can be tough for many reasons, but it is often especially hard for families. Aside from the additional stressors that parents may face, such as difficulties due to a custody dispute or child support, children can also be affected by their parents’ decision to call off the marriage. If you have children and are in the middle of a divorce or are thinking about filing for divorce, it is important for you to do whatever you can to make the transition easier for your kids. For example, it may be very helpful for you to discuss what’s happening with them.

Talking to children about these matters can feel overwhelming and you may be unsure of where to start. However, it can be tremendously helpful to reassure your child that your love for them will not diminish as a result of the divorce. Moreover, if they have any questions, you should do your best to provide them with helpful answers. By reassuring them and clearing up some of the uncertainties and concerns they have, this alone can smooth things out.

Depending on the details of your divorce, there may be additional topics you will need to go over with your child. For example, you might need to talk about a custody arrangement or parental relocation. By showing your child that you care about the way in which your divorce could affect them, you may be able to minimize any negative effects. On our divorce page, you can read more on various family law topics.


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