As an older resident in Ohio, you may be wondering if you’re past the age where divorcing your spouse would be possible. However, “gray divorce” – or the divorce of older couples – is on the rise as more people just like you realize that it’s never too late to live your best life.

Next Avenue states that one out of every four divorcing couples in 2010 was over 50 years old, and there are several common reasons among divorcing couples as to why they do it even at their age. A top reason is the potential staleness of a relationship. With time, you or your spouse may become complacent and simply settle into a routine. For some, this is good. For others, it can be boring. When combined with the chemical changes that the body begins to go through at age 40, it can result in you feeling unsatisfied, like you’re spinning your wheels. In some cases, a split might seem like the best idea if you wish to pursue other, fresh or new things.

In other cases, a split might seem like a way to deal with the slow burn of many seemingly trivial issues. Over the decades as you and your spouse live together, you might accumulate many small grievances. If these issues aren’t addressed as they happen, they have the potential of building up and becoming larger issues with time. Issues that you can’t simply write off, issues that ruin the quality of your relationship.

While some choose to stick it out, the marriage you’re in may simply not be right for you anymore. This is not meant to be taken as legal advice, however. Rather, it simply highlights that you are not alone in these considerations.