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Issues In Ohio Same-Sex Divorce

On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court issued a historic ruling which resulted in the legalization of same-sex marriage. Consequently, in addition to marrying, a same-sex couple may also subsequently choose to divorce. While the majority of divorce issues are the same regardless of the sexes of those parties involved, some same-sex divorces may be more complex.

At Kroener Hale Law Firm, we have a firm grasp and understanding of the difficulties that some same-sex parents who divorce face with regard to child custody. In cases where one parent is a child’s biological parent or where only one parent went through the formal adoption process, the other parent may be shocked to learn that he or she essentially has no legal parental rights and is therefore not able to petition for custody or visitation.

Representing Same-Sex Parents In Child Custody Actions

We represent gay and lesbian parents who wish to pursue custody actions. When possible, we work to broker custody agreements that consider the needs and well-being of both parents as well as a child. In cases where parentage is in question, we work to find solutions that benefit our clients. In some cases this means finding a solution that allows a parent to remain an active and important part of a child’s life. In other cases, a parent may choose to move forward and file for sole legal and physical custody.

In addition to child custody issues, we provide comprehensive legal services in same-sex divorces with regard to the following issues:

If you are a same-sex parent in Ohio going through a divorce and have questions about child custody issues, call a lawyer at our Batavia law firm today at 513-716-5940 or send our attorneys a message through our online contact form.