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Resolving Complex Divorces Involving Businesses

For business owners who are going through divorce, protecting your business’s well-being is critical. Because of their complexity, it is important to speak with an attorney who is skilled at resolving divorces that involve dividing a business between two spouses.

At Kroener Hale Law Firm, our divorce lawyers strive to find outcomes that protect businesses and their owners. With extensive experience representing business owners, we are equipped to serve clients throughout southeast Ohio.

We take the time to learn about our clients’ wishes. Our team offers a personalized approach to each case we work on. This allows us to provide advice tailored to advance the interests of your business.

Businesses Can Be Marital Property

A business may be marital property in Ohio, even if it was established prior to the marriage. A portion of the business may be a marital asset if the non-owning spouse contributed financially. We will seek to identify solutions that preserve the underlying structure of the business and give spouses an equitable distribution of marital assets.

Receiving A Fair Valuation Is Critical

Correctly assessing the value of a business is difficult. Shifting economic trends, varying inventory levels and labor costs all impact the valuation of a business. Incorrect valuations can leave owners vulnerable to a division of assets that does not accurately reflect your financial circumstances.

We work with financial professionals to ensure businesses receive a fair and accurate assessment. Once the businesses valued, we use this information to work toward determining a division of assets that allows you to move forward from the divorce process.

Protecting Businesses And Business Owners

Learn how our team can help protect your business during divorce. Call our Milford, Ohio law firm today at 513-716-5940. You may also reach our team via email.