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Experienced Juvenile Lawyer in Ohio

When a child is charged with a crime, it is natural for the parents to feel apprehensive about the situation. Should we let our child plead guilty and learn a lesson? Should we fight the charge? Kroener Hale Law Firm has experienced attorneys who have represented hundreds of children in the juvenile court. We can review the case and help you decide the best direction to proceed.

What Can Happen to My Child?

A child has a right to legal representation when charged with a crime. Our law office has represented juveniles charged with possession, trafficking, sex crimes, underage consumption, burglary, theft, vandalism and more. The court can impose several sanctions on your child, such as:

  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Detention in a Juvenile Detention Facility
  • Curfew
  • House arrest

The court can also order psychological assessments, drug and alcohol counseling, mental health treatment and more, depending on the situation.

Free Consultation For Your Child’s Situation

If you have a child who is in need of criminal defense, call a lawyer at our firm at 513-716-5940 or contact us online. We provide a free 30-minute consultation.

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