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Should you use social media during divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Divorce

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While social media offers numerous benefits, it also has a few downsides. This is especially true when it comes to divorce, which is hard enough to navigate on its own.

When you add social media to the divorce process, the experience can become even more challenging. The following tips ensure you make the right decisions about your social media usage to improve the outcome of your divorce.

How social media can affect divorce

Social media tends to have a negative mental effect during divorces. For instance, seeing posts from your former spouse can incite jealousy and resentment. On the other hand, creating negative posts about what you are going through can harm your mental health, as well as any children involved. From a legal perspective, talking about divorce online can lead to even more issues, especially if your former spouse comes across your posts.

What you should do instead

It is usually best to leave social media while the divorce is ongoing. However, if you do not want to delete your profiles, pledge to behave in a civil manner. Do not discuss your ex or any details regarding your case. A positive approach will also benefit your children, who may become distressed by seeing you or your ex bad-mouth the other parent.

You should also take a moment to update privacy settings if you remain on social media. Making your feed private prevents unwanted parties, such as the loved ones of your ex-spouse, from checking on your feed. In the same token, it is typically best to unfriend any mutual friends, which will ensure your feed remains private.

While social media is beneficial for bringing people together, it can have the opposite effect during a divorce. Fortunately, you can use the time normally spent on social media to work on a new life for yourself and your children.


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