After divorce, you may wind up taking the plunge and remarrying years later. When you do, a new blended family forms consisting of your biological children and your new spouse’s children.

When it comes to estate planning, how do you ensure that your children get the inheritance you intend? Is there a way to pass money directly to them, or does it need to go to your new spouse? Find out a couple of ways to ensure your children get the inheritance you intend.

Create a trust

A trust is a tool that works in many scenarios, including this one. It is a unique account that holds any kind of property or asset deposited into it. You may choose a trust that you can change, called a revocable trust, or you may want to lock the money and property up now for good in an irrevocable trust. In either scenario, you may name your children as the trustees. Anything put into the trust comes out of your name and goes into that of the trust for the benefit of the trustees. When you die, the trustees immediately inherit the contents.

Secure life insurance

Some people establish life insurance policies for the benefit of their biological children. Doing this allows those children to inherit the proceeds of the policy upon your death. Any account with a beneficiary designated may work in this same fashion, and they have the bonus of not going through probate. Like a trust, the recipient of a life insurance policy gets the money directly.

Many factors go into deciding how you want to shape your estate plan around your new family. Take some time to go over your options before rushing into something you may not have the ability to change.