Although most individuals would assume there are not any restrictions on your final wishes, there are actually some topics you should leave off your will while writing it. Thankfully, planning your will in advance gives you time to make sure to avoid these certain promises or arrangements.

Something that may not be obvious is to leave off any instructions for your funeral. According to FindLaw, the funeral is often taken care of before your family or loved ones consult your will. Therefore, people could miss specific arrangements you had in mind if you had not previously mentioned them. An easy way to avoid this potential mistake is to talk to those in charge of your funeral beforehand to make sure your wishes are not forgotten.

In addition, the gifts you may want to leave for others must not have illegal conditions. A court of law will not enforce any conditions that require unrealistic demands, such as forcing someone to get married, get divorced, or change his or her religion. Leaving your wealth or possessions explicitly for others to use in illegal ways is also forbidden. For example, having a stipulation that someone must drink while underage in order to receive their inheritance is not allowed. Yet another fact to keep in mind is that animals cannot legally be in the possession of property, so you should not leave any items directly to your pets in your final wishes. Instead, pick a trusted friend who you know will care for your pet.

While writing your will, remembering these tips should help you avoid making costly or complicated mistakes.