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Research can help when deciding whether to divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Divorce

Feelings of unhappiness can hit anyone at any moment. You may have been feeling unhappy or unfulfilled for some time and have tried to figure out what could be causing these feelings. One issue that you have landed on is your marriage. You understand that relationships do not always hold the spark that they had in the beginning, but you feel as if your marital issues run deeper than being in a rut.

Because you want to allow yourself to find happiness, you may be contemplating whether divorce could be the right choice for you. Understandably, you may feel uncertain and may even feel bad about having such thoughts. However, many people in Ohio and across the country have similar thoughts and feelings about ending their marriages.

What can you do?

Because making this decision is a significant and personal one, it is important that you give it its due consideration. It may even help you to gain information about divorce in Ohio and how state laws and your personal circumstances will affect the process. Having more information about divorce itself could help you when trying to decide whether going through the process is a step you want to take and to learn whether you could take advantage of any alternative dispute resolution methods.

You can also start taking steps to prepare yourself financially. You may need to start saving cash so that your spouse cannot suddenly cut you off from shared bank accounts and leave you financially dependent on him or her. It is also important to assess your finances and determine what steps beyond just saving that you may need to take. Would you need to get a job? Do you know how much debt you and your spouse have? Finding answers to these and other questions is wise.


It is likely that you will not bring up the idea of divorce until you have fully decided it is the course you want to follow. As a result, you probably do not want your spouse to find emails or internet searches regarding divorce topics. Therefore, you may want to do your best to maintain your privacy during this time by opening a separate email account, deleting search histories and taking other steps to remain lowkey as you research.

Additionally, in order to ensure that you obtain the right information, you may want to reach out to a divorce attorney. Even if you have not fully decided to move forward with the process, you could have your questions answered.


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