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Can your habits lead to a divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Divorce

Most people who marry believe that they will stay married to their spouse for their entire lives. Sadly, that isn’t always true. There are times when the best solution for everyone is divorce.

The reasons people in Ohio and elsewhere divorce are varied. Afterwards, some people say that there were “signs” they should have picked up on that indicated their marriage was on the rocks. If you’re curious, experts say that there are certain habits that might predict a couple’s likelihood of divorce. Though this list isn’t exhaustive, these are several ways to tell that you and your spouse may not make it to forever. It may be a good idea to involve professional help if you think some of these describe your relationship.

How you fight

Do you and your partner have difficulty communicating your frustrations? If either of you finds it hard to talk about the tough stuff, you won’t solve issues as they come up. When conflict arises, do you both work to find a solution? Maybe you used to be able to discuss marital issues, but one of you struggles with that now, meaning you can’t work on problems together.

Are you both fighting fair? All couples fight now and then, but if your partner doesn’t feel heard, it’s not helpful. Yelling might feel good, but if it’s used in place of actually solving a problem, it’s not helpful.

How you love

It’s difficult for modern couples to take time to “date” each other, but it’s important, especially as a way to help foster connection. Connection doesn’t always have to refer to physical intimacy, either. Small gestures that communicate your affection can go a long way. Some people think getting married will solve conflict only to find that it exacerbates it.

Within your relationship, do the two of you have the same passions and priorities? If not, do both of you find ways to honor the other’s preferences whenever possible? If one spouse is always the one making compromises to maintain the relationship, it can lead to resentment.


If one or more of these points ring true for you, it doesn’t guarantee that you will end up divorced. However, if you decide that’s the best choice for you, know that divorce is no reason to feel shame. It may be the best way for everyone to move forward with their lives.


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