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Lack of love, communication problems, top reasons for divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2019 | Divorce

A study that came out in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy surveyed 2,371 people and drew some conclusions about the most common reasons for divorce. The people surveyed were from Ohio or other states, heterosexual and 45 years old, on average. Of the respondents, 44% said they had initiated the divorce, 40% said their partners initiated it, and 16% said divorce was a mutual decision. The four reasons for divorce most commonly cited by respondents were lack of love, problems with communication, lack of trust and drifting apart.

A lack of intimacy or love was cited as a catalyst for divorce by 47% of study participants. The survey was made up of open-ended questions, the answers to which were then categorized by researchers. The answers that ended up in the lack of love category included statements like “I did not love him, and he no longer loved me.” Communication problems were among the primary reasons for divorce in 44% of cases. One of the people surveyed said her husband didn’t talk much and that eventually led to divorce.

The third most common reason for divorce was lack of respect, trust or sympathy. Study participants mentioned things like a breach of trust that could not be repaired or a diminution of respect over time. Some marriage psychologists have suggested that respect may be more important than love in a marriage. The fourth most common reason was that the members of the couple had grown apart in terms of values, attitudes or goals.

People in Ohio who are approaching or going through a divorce may want to schedule a consultation with a lawyer. A lawyer who handles divorce cases may be able to help by negotiating the terms of property division or arguing on behalf of the client during child custody hearings. A lawyer might also draft and file the divorce petition to begin proceedings.


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