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Modern tehnology and parenting

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2019 | Divorce

As many parents in Ohio know, maintaining a relationship with their kids after a divorce is no easy feat, especially if the divorce itself was contentious. As a result, parents should exert extra effort to bridge the gap and reach out to their kids in any way they can. Thanks to the wonders of social media and texting, parents today have a plethora of resources at their disposal to connect with their children.

When researchers tried to assess what factors mattered the most to maintaining a healthy relationship between parents who chose to get a divorce and their children, they hypothesized that the relationship between the parents themselves mattered. However, as later research indicated, it’s the frequency of contact between the parents and the children rather than the relationship between the parents that was important. Obviously, how well divorced parents get along might affect the amount of contact either of them has with the kids, yet modern technology mitigates this factor.

Parents need to consistently be present in their children’s lives. Achieving this in person is great, but if for some reason parents are unable to be physically present, they can opt for the next best thing, which is frequent contact through texts and social media. Even though some parents might feel that texts are a poor form of communication, this is not the case for modern-day children. To them, texting is actually how they prefer to stay in touch with the outside world. That being said, the mode of communication is not as important as maintaining a connection, and modern technology affords both parents the opportunity to have a direct connection with their children without the interference of the other parent.

Unfortunately, some parents might try to intervene in the relationship between their children and their exes. If someone is going through something similar like this or would like to explore different options for increasing his or her connection with his or her children, he or she might benefit from reaching out to an experienced lawyer who can help elucidate the available legal options.


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