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Steps to take in getting ready for a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2019 | Divorce

While ending a marriage is usually not an easy process, making a plan might help a person prepare for it. This should include researching Ohio divorce law. However, the first step a person should take is to make sure a divorce is the right solution.

An important part of preparation is getting financial documents together. Mortgage paperwork, bank statements, tax returns, and retirement account and investment information may all be useful. Joint accounts should be closed. People should order copies of their credit report. This information can also help a person create a post-divorce budget. With this budget, the person should consider goals for after the divorce and what may need to happen in the divorce in order to achieve those goals.

Parents may need to talk about whether they plan to share custody or what type of visitation plan would be most beneficial for their children. A therapist may be helpful at this time as part of a team that could include an attorney and a financial professional. People going through a divorce should also remember to take time for themselves.

Litigation is not inevitable in a divorce. Mediation or a collaborative divorce may lead to a resolution. An attorney may be able to assist a person in preparing for any of these approaches. While it can be important to remain flexible during divorce negotiations, people should also consider their financial well-being. In some cases, people let their emotions control negotiations and either delay a resolution out of anger or end up with unfavorable property division terms because they feel guilty about the divorce or want it over with quickly.


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