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December 2018 Archives

Estate planning can include life insurance

In 2019, even the youngest baby boomers in Ohio will reach the age of 55, leading many to consider how they can improve their planning for the future. They may want to make sure they can support themselves through retirement and plan to leave their assets behind to their loved ones. Life insurance might play an important role in an estate plan alongside traditional documents like wills and trusts. People can use life insurance to help them successfully transfer their wealth between generations.

Preparing for a new era in alimony tax

The new year will usher in a new era for alimony tax rules that could affect Ohio residents. The old alimony tax rules that have been in place for over seven decades will go away. This means that alimony payments that were tax-deductible will no longer be so. When a person receives an alimony payment, the money will no longer be considered taxable income.

Resolve to update your estate plan in the New Year

If getting organized is part of your New Year's resolutions, you are probably planning to go from room to room getting rid of what you no longer need and updating areas that look tired and worn out. Your goal is to make practical use of your living space and create a more welcoming environment for your family.

Wills represent the starting point for most estate plans

People in Ohio who have prepared a will have taken an important step toward controlling what happens to their estate. For some people, wills that direct their possessions to loved ones could suffice for estate planning. Those hoping to accomplish an efficient transfer of assets, however, might want to expand their estate planning beyond simply executing a will.

Emotional situations that can turn into legal issues and divorce

No matter how long you've been married or whether it's your first marriage or not, like most Ohio couples, you're at risk for divorce. There's simply no guarantee that when you tie the knot, it's going to stay tied for a lifetime. Numerous issues can prompt serious marital problems and current data suggests such issues lead to divorce in as many as 40 percent of first marriages and 60 percent for those who have married a second time.

How to deal with joint credit cards during divorce

For Ohio spouses who decide to divorce, financial issues may weigh heavily on their minds. While many people immediately turn their minds to dividing assets like real estate and retirement accounts, the division of debt can be just as critical. Not all credit card debt racked up during a marriage is automatically assumed to be the responsibility of both partners. At the same time, the debt being in one person's name is not necessarily decisive.

What the Bush family can teach about estate planning

When a person experiences the loss of a spouse, he or she may feel like life is less worth living. Therefore, when an individual passes soon after his or her life partner, it is referred to as "broken-heart syndrome." This is what happened to former President George H.W. Bush, who passed away months after his wife did. There are estate planning lessons that Ohio residents and other can learn from this famous couple.

Protecting your finances in a divorce

Many marriages in Ohio end because of money troubles, and these financial burdens often carry on through divorces. One of the many reasons for this is that couples do not discuss their financial objectives before getting married. Preventing financial catastrophe when going through a divorce requires careful planning and discussion. Obtaining financial counsel from an expert or nonpartial third party can often produce better results.

Did you know Ohio's child custody formulas are changing soon?

Acting as your child's primary caregiver is difficult enough after a divorce, but doing so without sufficient support can be even harder. However, things are set to change soon. Starting in April 2019, a new law will make it easier for custodial parents to not only receive an adequate amount of child support, but to also receive it in a timely, consistent manner.

Facing the holidays after divorce

Ohio readers know that the holidays can be stressful during the best of times. However, they are especially difficult for families who are dealing with separation or divorce. Not only can this time of year make the feelings of loss associated with divorce more acute, but those intense emotions can make it even harder for parents to decide when and where their children should celebrate the holidays.

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