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How adoptive families are matched with a child

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Adoption

For those new to adoption, the process may seem a bit unclear. Understanding more about how children are placed with families can help adoptive parents to understand the process better and help them as they go through it. In Ohio, parents do not just choose a child and start the adoption process. It actually is a collaborative effort between many agencies to help ensure the child and family are a good match. 

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services explains an assessor assigned by the agency will review a family before looking at possible children for adoption. The assessor looks at the family dynamics, their strengths and their needs. Then, the assessor looks at available children and matches them to the family based on how well they will fit within it. However, it is ultimately the family’s decision on which child they will adopt as they are given information on the child the agency chooses to review before making the final choice. 

AdoptUSKids notes that after the adoption matching process, a family and child will meet. The child may stay with the family for a period to see if the situation works before the adoption is finalized. It is also important for prospective adoptive families to know that they may encounter a situation where the child they wish to adopt is also being considered by another family or that a child may not be a good fit for their family situation. So, it may take a few tries before a family gets a final placement and the adoption can formally begin. 


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