Ohio couples who have decided to get a divorce have some control over how the divorce will play out, but don’t have complete control. At the Kroener Hale Law Firm, we work with you to prepare you for the path your divorce might take by showing what can affect the proceedings.

The way a divorce turns out relies somewhat on the personalities of the people involved, but that isn’t everything. No matter how peaceful or volatile a divorce is, there are some factors that play a role in every single split. For example, do you and your spouse have a child? That immediately makes things more complex. Child custody, support, and other financial and timeshare factors will have to be decided in a way that’s fair to both parents, and in a way that supports the child best. This can affect your plans to relocate, find new jobs, or more.

Outside of children, how many assets do you have? The more you have, the more complex your divorce will be. This is especially true if you and your partner have joint funds, joint benefits, or have other methods of keeping your assets together instead of separated. Getting a divorce means dividing all of these assets up in a way that’s fair to both parties.

When dealing with divorce, it’s important to understand that the process is different for every couple and every family. Complexities can exist in any divorce, and can be worsened by many variables. To read more about divorce proceedings to get a feel for what to expect, you may want to look at our linked web page on divorce proceedings.