Ohio child support can be a tricky topic. It is not always easy to understand the process, especially if you have just got started with it. Add to that the left over emotional turmoil and other issues from the divorce process and you may feel at your wit’s end. Luckily, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services offers plenty of answers to common questions about the child support system in the state.

A common question you may have is what can you do if you disagree with something about your case or need to get your child support amount changed. The best answer here is to contact the child support enforcement agency. They can help you with adjustments or to file for a state hearing.

You may also wonder how remarrying may affect your support requirements. If you remarry and have more children, your child support may be reduced. Child support is figured based upon both parents’ incomes. It also includes some other factors, such as the living expenses for each parent. So, any change in a living situation may affect your child support.

You may also wonder about income sources because child support garnishments are a possibility if you owe back support. When it comes to veteran benefits, the VA will determine if the benefits can be garnished. In some cases, they will be. For Social Security benefits, retirement and disability can be garnished, but SSI cannot. This is general information only and is not intended to provide legal advice.