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Can a single person adopt in Ohio?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2017 | Adoption

If you are a single person in Ohio and want to become a parent through adoption, you may be concerned about whether or not your application will be approved. While this situation was almost always denied by adoption agencies in the mid-1900’s, officials now realize that many single parents can create great homes for children of any age.


According to AdoptionServices.org, single men and women are involved in between five and 10 percent of all adoptions performed in the U.S. While these parents can be approved, they will have to overcome the same obstacles as married couples to show that they are just as capable of providing a stable home environment.


In most cases, a professional from an adoption agency will come to your house to complete a home study. This is an evaluation of your residence to determine whether this would be a safe place to raise a child and whether or not you would be a suitable parent. The home study can include interviews with neighbors or other family members as well as an examination of the building’s ability to comfortably house another person.


If you are seeking to adopt a foreign child, you will need to realize that other countries have different policies. In some cases outside of the U.S., single parents may find adoption more difficult or even impossible. Agencies in Guatemala and Russia may turn you down if you are lesbian or gay and China might deny you simply because you are a single person. This information is intended for your education and should not be taken as legal advice.


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