If you are considering adopting a child from foster care, you are probably aware of the fact that the laws and guidelines will change based on where you live. Each state is allowed to make its own rules and requirements, meaning you will need to be very informed about Ohio’s practices in order to have a successful adoption. We at Kroener Hale Law Firm want to help you create a family or add a new member, so we have created a guide detailing what you can do to prepare for this exciting time.


When you are sure that you are physically, emotionally, mentally and financially ready to adopt, you need to choose an agent or agency to represent you. Your representative can guide you on completing the application and arranging a home study.


Ohio’s adoption photo listing gives further guidance, suggesting that as a prospective parent, you should keep in mind that there are many children in foster care who have suffered abuse of many types and been in a situation where their parents were unable to provide for them. Counseling or extra help may be needed to overcome the effects of abuse.


The listing does not mention specifics, but these children also often face challenges in the areas of development and mental, physical and emotional health because of what they have been through. You will need to prepare yourself to provide help and care for a child who may have special needs. More information on bringing a child into your home permanently can be found on our website.