Creating Ohio Families Through Adoption

Every child deserves to have an adult in his or her life who provides unconditional love and support, and at times, this individual may not be a child's biological parent. At Kroener, Hale & Penick Law Firm, we assist stepparents, same-sex parents, foster parents, grandparents and other individuals who wish to legally adopt a child.

When it comes to something as important as welcoming a new child into your family, it's critical not to leave anything to chance. Depending on the specific circumstances of your adoption action, there may be a number of complex legal issues that must be considered and addressed. Our attorneys understand the sensitive issues and intricacies of the varied types of adoptions, and we have helped many families successfully complete the adoption process.

Ohio's Putative Father Registry

Men who believe that they are the father of an unborn or newborn child should add their name to a database known as the Ohio Putative Father Registry (OPFR). In cases where a mother wishes to place a child up for adoption, the OPFR is searched. If a match between a registrant and child is found, the putative father may take action to establish paternity. Our firm represents fathers who wish to stop an adoption and petition for child custody.

Additionally, our attorneys represent adoptive parents in their pursuits to move forward with the adoption process when a putative father is found.

Surrogacy Actions

An alternative to adoption, some couples may choose to welcome a child into their family via a surrogate. Surrogacy involves a legal agreement between an individual or couple and a woman who elects to carry and deliver the couple's or individual's child.

Given the complex nature of the surrogacy relationship, there are a number of legal issues that are important to consider and address. Our attorneys have an intimate knowledge of these issues. We help clients and surrogates draft contacts that address their needs, minimize risks and achieve their goals.

To discuss your adoption or surrogacy needs with a lawyer, call our Batavia law firm at 513-716-5940. You can also send a question to our attorneys via our online contact form.