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How you can contest a will

Having a loved one pass away can be a difficult experience, but encountering problems with the will can make the event even more stressful for you and your family members. If you have realized that there are discrepancies or other issues with the will, you may be struggling to decide what you should do about it and what your rights are. We at Kroener Law Firm not only assist our Ohio clients in will preparation, we can also help if you need assistance contesting the contents of another will.


Should you and your spouse consider a joint custody plan?

When parents separate or divorce, it can be particularly difficult for the youngest members of the family. Ohio parents work hard to minimize the negative impact that this time of transition can have on their children, and one of the ways to do this is to choose to work together on a parenting plan that allows the children to have strong relationships with both parents. 

Joint custody is a type of custody arrangement that allows children to have regular time with both parents while still clearly outlining the responsibilities and rights of each parent. This can establish a sense of order and cooperation, and while joint custody offers many benefits, it is not always the best choice for every family.

The basics of child support in Ohio

If you are a parent going through a divorce in Ohio, you likely have concerns about what the judge’s decision will be. Alimony, child custody and support are all worries that divorcing parents have. Understanding the basics about child support can help you prepare and understand what might happen. We at Kroener Hale Law Firm have provided this guide to educate you on the state’s policies for child support.


What if I want kids but can't have any?

Not all Ohio couples are able to have children of their own, even if they really desire one. Fortunately, there are still plenty of options available to you when it comes to raising a child. We at Kroener Hale Law Firm will explain two of these possible options: adoption and surrogacy.

Surrogacy is an option in which a legal contract is formed between you and your partner and a woman who will agree to carry your child to term and then give birth. This is an alternative option that is less popular than adoption, but still available for your investigation. Just be aware of the fact that the legal situation can be quite tricky due to the complex nature of relationships involved in a surrogate pregnancy.

Deciding if you are ready for an adoption

Couples in Ohio who are looking to adopt will have a long road ahead of them. Adopting a child is a fairly lengthy process; there are many hoops that have to be jumped through, and prospective parents should be prepared for this by knowing what to expect and whether or not they are ready to meet those expectations.

WebMD offers a list of things couples should look at before they even begin the adoption process. This includes some very predictable questions like determining whether or not someone's income is enough to feasibly raise a child in comfort, while providing the most opportunities for them. However, it also includes some tips that not everyone may consider, such as examining the reasons behind wanting to adopt. After all, the reason will form the backbone of the adoption process.

Determining the trust that is right for you

Once you become unable to manage your accounts through death or injury and your trust becomes active, you want to be sure that everything goes according to your plans. While this may sometimes be the case, there are situations when mistakes were made in the estate planning process. These can make it possible for creditors to access your assets and your intended ownership to be denied. We at Kroener Law Firm work hard to keep this from happening by ensuring that the trust you choose is the right one for you.


Is your spouse having an affair with a credit card?

The word "infidelity" often triggers images of sexual affairs that may lead to the breakup of a marriage. However, infidelity doesn't always involve a secret romance. In fact, one of the more common types of infidelity may have nothing to do with sex.

If your marriage is under a strain because of your partner's money secrets, you are not alone. Financial infidelity happens — to one extreme or another — in nearly every marriage. While many times it involves an occasional splurge or a secret stash of mad money, it becomes a serious matter when the marriage begins to suffer.

Benefits of a QDRO

If you and your spouse are contemplating getting a divorce in Ohio, one of the big concerns you may have is about how to accurately split up your marital assets and debts. Like many other couples, your retirement account savings may be among some of your most valuable assets. The thought of losing half of these savings can be difficult to consider but even worse is the thought of paying high amounts of taxes or penalties by withdrawing money form a 401K account prematurely.

Fortunately, you may be able to avoid these losses by having a qualified domestic relations order created. As explained by the United States Department of Labor, any retirement account that is under the governance of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 may require a QDRO when being split in a divorce. The QDRO sets up the spouse who does not own the account as an authorized alternate payee on the account. If you own the account, your spouse may then be able to receive distributions legally.

What to know about adopting a child from foster care

If you are considering adopting a child from foster care, you are probably aware of the fact that the laws and guidelines will change based on where you live. Each state is allowed to make its own rules and requirements, meaning you will need to be very informed about Ohio’s practices in order to have a successful adoption. We at Kroener Hale Law Firm want to help you create a family or add a new member, so we have created a guide detailing what you can do to prepare for this exciting time.


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