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Family Law

Divorce is, at least initially, an “adversarial” type of proceeding in which the parties are legally terminating their marital relationship. When a Court assists

Criminal Defense

Not all criminal defense attorneys are equal. Being able to examine a case, and confidently say, “I have seen this scenario before and I know how to handle…

OVI Defense

Being charged with DUI/OVI and not knowing how this can affect your future is a scary experience. The first thing you should do ….

Traffic Citations

Have you been ticketed for a traffic violation? Whether you were charged with speeding, running a red light or stop sign, reckless driving, improper lane usage,

Drug Trafficking

When one is charged with a drug trafficking offense, Kroener Hale Inc. looks at the manner in which the police/detective investigated and ultimately charged this crime.

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Contact us to learn more about creating a will, revocable and irrevocable trusts, living wills, powers of attorney, and other estate planning tools.


Do you have a dream of growing your family through adoption or surrogacy? Are you contemplating giving the gift of a child to another family? Does your Spouse

Child Custody/Child Support

Ohio recognizes only two types of custodial arrangements: Sole custody and Shared Parenting. Neither arrangement dictates the amount of time …


“Legal success is measured by solving your problems expeditiously and professionally.”

We will represent you with confidentiality, honesty, and compassion. We listen to your concerns and we strive to assist you in coming to a resolution that is most beneficial for your needs.

— Kroener Hale, LLC


  • Great Results!!!
    We recently hired Melissa and Jeff has a team to help our son with a few legal issues. Together they conquered them all, and our son is so much better off. We couldn't be happier with their representation.
    Tammy & Todd
  • Tim
    Outstanding Legal Service
    Jeff helped me with my divorce and it went to trial. The Judge agreed with all of his legal arguments and many of the issues went my way! Great law firm, great attorneys.
  • Adam
    Child Support Mess
    Melissa helped me with a huge mess in my child support. She called me and met with me several times. I was happy with the job she did.
  • Dissolution
    My husband and I wanted a dissolution that was peaceful, but the paperwork was insane. She helped me throughout the entire process, no fighting involved!! She's very good and efficient.
  • Sarah
    Jeff helped me keep custody of my kids when their dad tried to take them. He was an excellent attorney!
  • Anonymous
    Kroener Hale Inc. kept me from going to jail
    I found myself in a bad spot and they saved me from a mandatory jail term. Even when I was being held they came to the jail to talk to me.
  • Jessica
    Melissa got me custody!!
    The only thing that mattered in my divorce was that I got custody of my kids. I got it! I would never trust another law firm with my children's future!
  • Mark
    Attorney Hale was professional
    Jeff represented me for an OVI and helped get it reduced to a traffic citation. He was professional and actively pursued every flaw in the cop's case. He is great!
  • Jeff was amazing!!
    Jeff handled my divorce during a very emotional time. He always responded to my phone calls, and assured me when I was scared of what will happen. I highly recommend him and his staff!


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